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Why can't I get an order on the day I request it?


Our LTL (less than truck load) orders, are routed with other LTL's in a way that makes the most sense logistically.  This routing is done by logistic specialists who take into consideration what, where and when.  The routes change every week based on who, what and where. There is no way to "promise" a "day of" delivery every week for any customer. 

Is there a minimum for a pick up?


No, there is no minimum on a CPU.  There is a 200 case minimum on a delivery.

What constitutes a TRUCK LOAD?

The quantity of cases varies due to the palletization of product ordered.  Typically 24 pallets will qualify as a truck load.  Please refer to the Product Specification Sheet to calculate number of pallets.  

Are all Super Bakery products individually wrapped?


All products are individually wrapped with the exception of the items below:


15010 1.25oz. (35g) Assorted Cake - Cinnamon (Bulk)
15010 1.25oz. (35g) Assorted Cake - Plain (Bulk)
15010 1.25oz. (35g) Assorted Cake - Powdered (Bulk)

7669 1.3oz. Ultra Whole Grain Slider Roll (12 packs of 24)
7671 2.0oz.  Ultra Whole Grain Hamburger Bun (16 packs of 8)
7675 2.0 oz Ultra Whole Grain Hot Dog Buns (18 packs of 8)

8676 2.0oz (57g) Ultra Whole Grain Eat-A-Bowl (Bulk)
8677 2.0oz (57g) Ultra Whole Grain Eat-A-Bowl Sriracha (Bulk)
8678 2.0oz (57g) Ultra Whole Grain Eat-A-Bowl Corn (Bulk)
8679 2.0oz (57g) Ultra Whole Grain Eat-A-Bowl Ranch (Bulk)


What is the REMIT TO: address?

PO BOX 280
Indiana, PA 15701


How do I submit a bid?

All bids MUST be submitted at

You have already been provided with training, a user ID & a password.


Awards must be submitted to Super Bakery, Inc. via, as soon as you receive them. This is crucial for us to stay competitive in our market.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Heather in customer service, 216-426-8989 or

What qualifies for bid pricing?

In order to qualify for bid price the following criteria is taken into consideration:

  • Product quantity

  • Competitive information 

  • Last bid award information

  • Your input and suggestions pertaining to each bid situation


Please contact Karen at if you have questions regarding a specific bid.


Are Super Bakery's Products CN Labeled?

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Child Nutrition website (,  the Child Nutrition Labeling Program is a voluntary Federal labeling program for the Child Nutrition Program. 

Super Bakery Products are not CN Labeled.  This is because only main dish products which contribute to the meat/meat alternate component of the meal pattern requirements & juice/juice drink products which contain 50 percent full-strength juice by volume are eligible for CN Labels.  Examples of eligible products include beef patties, cheese, meat pizzas, egg rolls or juices such as grape drinks, fruit punch and juice bars.

What is Trans Fat?

Trans fatty-acids are formed through a process called hydrogenation, which turns unsaturated liquid fat (usually vegetable oil) into a solid form to improve its stability.  This allows a product to have a longer shelf life and better flavor than its previous state. An example of this is when liquid oil (i.e. vegetable oil) is turned into a solid fat like shortening or margarine.  The main problem with trans fat lies in its ability to affect our cholesterol levels in a negative way. Research in the early 1990’s studied the effects of trans-fatty acid intake on LDL-C (an artery clogging cholesterol), as well as its impact on HDL-C (protective cholesterol). It was found that higher intake of trans fats, when combined with a high intake of saturated fats and cholesterol, raises LDL (“bad cholesterol”) and lowers HDL (“good cholesterol”).

  •  Do Super Bakery’s Products Contain Trans Fat? 


In light of the new research on the negative health effects of trans fat, Super Bakery has taken steps to remove trans fat from it’s products giving us a value of 0 grams. After much research, we feel confident that our oil choice reflects the best possible nutritional profile while still retaining the taste and flavor properties that Super Bakery customers have come to enjoy. By producing a ratio of 2:1 omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids, this oil keeps in balance with what many call a “healthy” ratio of these two fatty acids

  •  How Much Trans Fat is Acceptable in Someone’s Diet?


Sometimes the media can mislead us regarding the amount of trans fat Americans are consuming in their diets’. In reality, we consume much more saturated fat on average than trans fat.  Updated Nutrition Facts panels will now list the amount of trans fat (g), in a product’s serving, but will not show a Percent Daily Value (%DV) at this time. More research will be needed to support a reference value for a healthy intake level. “Individuals should limit the combined amount of trans-fatty acids and saturated-fatty acids to less than 10% of total calories consumed daily,” states Alice H Litchtenstein, DSC, vice chair of the American Heart Association’s Nutrition Committee and professor of Nutrition at Tufts University.  This means that if someone consumes 2,000 calories per day (on which the Percent Daily value is based), then saturated and trans fat combined should be no more than 200 calories or 20 grams per day.

Do any Super Bakery Products contain Whole Grain or Fiber?

Super Bakery has a number of new items that contain Whole Grain (from 51% to 100%).  We use a finely ground flour that allows products to retain all the nutritional goodness of whole wheat without the coarseness and color of traditional wheat flour. 

The ALL PRODUCTS NUTRTIONAL SHEET is a wonderful resource that has a multitude of information all in one place, including percentage of whole grain and fiber.  


Whom do I contact regarding national account programs?

Lydell Mitchell is Super Bakery's National Sales Manager. Should you have any questions regarding your existing account or to establish a new account, please contact Lydell at 800-969-0668 or

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your regional Super Bakery representative or our Customer Service Office. 


Northeast - Alice Burke                        973-941-0191

Southeast - Wanda McDowell             864-316-0559

Central - Debby Bruno                        972-523-9279

Customer Service                               216-426-8989

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